Winter Heating Solutions

Kalmar Construction has a number of winter heating solutions that are available for rent at daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Whether you are looking to heat a workspace, cure concrete, or battle frost, we have the equipment that you need to help you get the job done.


Ground Heaters - E1100

Thaw Ground - quickly, easily and economically.

1100 - 2200 sq. ft standard, up to 2200 sq ft in 1/2 the time with accessories

Cure Concrete - in cold weather conditions

up to 2200 sq ft standard, up to 6000 sq ft with accessories

Prevent Frost - heat areas very economically

up to 3300 sq ft standard, up to 9900 sq ft with accessories

Heat Workspace - dry heat and fuel efficient

up to 180,000 cu ft with accessories

Up to 115 hours run time

Easy to Operate



Ground Heaters - E3000

Thaw Ground - quickly, easily and economically

6000 sq ft standard, up to 6000 sq ft in 1/2 the time with accessories

Cure Concrete - in cold weather with confidence

up to 6000 sq ft standard, up to 18000 sq ft with accessories

Prevent Frost - large areas very economically

up to 9000 sq ft standard, up to 27000 sq ft with accessories

Heat Workspace - dry heat and fuel efficient

up to 535,000 cu ft with accessories

Up to 140 hours run time
Easy to Operate
*83% Heater Efficiency (highest in the industry)


Frost Fighter

  • 450,000 btu/hr
  • Clean, Safe, Clean burning flame retention burner.
  • Independent fan and combustion air feeds ensure quick winter starts.
  • No heated air led off for combustion or lost up the flue.
  • Unlike a direct-fired heater Frost Fighter provides clean air free from moisture and contaminated fumes.
  • Quick connect ducts attach to the front cap outlets and enable the user to disburse the heated air over a large area with an optional remote thermostat control for maintaining desired temperature levels.
  • With over 35 years of proven reliability and rugged durability even in extreme climates, the Frost Fighter continues be a leader for temporary heating needs.


PureheatTM 1260

Heat Workspace - dry heat and fuel efficient

860,000 BTU/H input

  • Fuel flexible; choice of diesel, natural gas or propane
  • Fuel savings - up to 50% over traditional methods
  • Choice of 50,00, 100,000, or 200,000 BTU/H Heat
  • XchangersTM allow customization to any job
  • Clean air - adds no moisture or combustion by-products to workspace
  • Prevents mold and mildew during construction phase
  • Removes excess moisture from workspace & building materials
  • Safe heat - no open flame in workspace
  • Self-contained - all components on one trailer
  • Easy set-up
  • Dependable - no flame blowout in high winds

Cure Concrete - in cold weather with confidence

up to 30,000 sq ft with accessories

Thaw Frozen Ground - dry heat and fuel efficent

          up to 18,000 sq ft with accessories

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