BHP Boat House

Port Hardy, BC

Client: BHP
Completion Date: September 2023

This recently finished 3,550 square foot Boat House facility was constructed for the mining company BHP. The building features a pre-engineered metal structure with some interior wood framing elements. It has a sleek, modern design with a charcoal gray exterior cladding that gives it an industrial aesthetic fitting for its purpose.

Located lakeside the decommissioned mining pit, the Boat House provides covered storage for watercraft and marine equipment used by BHP. The spacious interior has two large bay doors allowing easy access for loading and unloading vessels. 

The building's durable low-maintenance construction ensures many years of reliable service in supporting BHP's operations. Careful site preparation optimized the facility's positioning both functionally and aesthetically, taking advantage of the natural surroundings. The project adhered to BHP's policies on workplace safety and environmental sustainability throughout the planning and execution phases.

This turnkey Boat House solution fulfills BHP's need for secure indoor storage of critical marine assets at this location. The versatile layout could allow flexible reconfiguration for other potential uses in the future if required. Overall, the facility exemplifies quality design and construction tailor-made to the client's specifications.

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