Health and Safety Program

Kalmar Construction Ltd. is committed to a successful Health and Safety Program that is reflected in our outstanding safety record. Management proudly operates a Safety Awards Incentive Program that allows workers to be rewarded for their individual safety records. Health and Safety related topics are included in our company bulletin. Kalmar Construction Ltd. is a member of ISNetworld, Comply Works and Pics.


  • Orientation, ticketing, training and education
  • Job-specific safe work practices and procedures
  • A restricted work program, to ensure employees can work during recovery


  • Entire site operates under one unified safety program
  • Subcontractor employees participate in on-site training meetings and inspections

Safety Meetings:

  • Daily Toolbox Talks - Prior to starting any work, a tailgate meeting is conducted, requiring the mandatory attendance of all trades and personal under the authority of the contractor
  • Hazards are identified and a means of control is communicated to workers engaged in the related activity. When hazards are identified they are then monitored documented and controlled to ensure safety and compliance.


  • Injury/Incidents: All injuries and incidents are recorded and tracked.
  • Evacuation: All data recorded is evaluated for patterns or hazards.
  • Near Miss: Discussion around near miss incidents will ensure they are not repeated or result in injury.
  • Equipment / Tool operation and maintenance.

Environmental Ethics - Policy and Procedures

The protection of the environment in which we live is essential to the wellbeing of our community, province and country as a whole.

Recognizing this, Kalmar Construction Ltd. is committed to minimizing adverse impacts on the air, water, and land through excellence in environmental management control on all job sites.

Internal procedures also reflect Kalmar’s green efforts. Kalmar Construction Ltd. has standards for recycling and responsible disposal.

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